Let's talk ..

Reaching for help, searching for answers or meaning of life it's never easy. So, please, let me applaud you for being here. It means that even if you decide to stop at this page, my gut feeling tells me you're already one step ahead of whatever is trying to prevent you from fully embracing your life. 

In my practice, as Integrative Counsellor, I pay close attention to the person as a whole. I take into account Your mental, physical and emotional needs, including your heritage and past experiences. The main aim is to build a trusting and non-judgmental relationship that helps you feel safe and where your choices are valued and respected. 

My counselling experience developed prominently in areas of grief, loss, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, suicidal thoughts and trauma. If you're unsure I can be of help, please do not hesitate to ask. 

The approach I take in the therapeutic relationship will position You in a place of an expert. Only you know what truly is going for you, what has happened to you and if at the present moment the world feels like a deserted island, talking and processing experienced difficulties in a safe environment can lead to clarity and relief. It can also help build on the courage and curiosity to develop new, perhaps healthier ways to overcome what hurts.